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In the top right corner, click on your login name and click on Manage Teams in the drop-down that appears.

In the next window you give your team a name - it would probably be best to use the official company name - in our example The awesome company and click on save.

When you click on save, the team is created. Now a list appears - where only your team is on it.

Click on the wheel to edit your company info. The more info you fill in, the better. This information will appear on the job ad on jobs.witty.works if you decide to publish your ad. As picture best use your logo.

If you have the pricing plan Business+, you are allowed to create several teams.

After having created your team(s), click in the navigation on company profile to describe your company in detail. These information will appear in each of your job ads.

Make sure to read the tips of each field. Take care when writing the section Goodies & Benefits.

Pay particular attention to benefits that are of real value to your future co-worker such as maternity/paternity leave, possibility of sabbaticals, flexible planning of working hours, transparency in promotion or salary systems.

It's also important to describe the recruitment process in detail:

Please enumerate the steps of your recruitment process any applicant goes through. Be as precise as possible and explain it until signature of contract. It is recommended to mention for each step after how many days the applicant can expect a response.

You have done a great job and just got one step closer to publish a well-written, juicy job ad! 👏🏾👏🏾

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