If you are on a paying pricing plan, every job ad is reviewed by a professional copywriter. Why do we offer a personal review?

While the Diversifier checks words reliably and automatically, shows better alternatives in real time and is unbiased, the copywriter checks content holistically, recognizes what is between the lines and brings - if necessary - emotional components to the job ad. Read more about how the algorithm and the copywriters complement each other.

Once you have finished writing your job ad and you integrated the suggestions of the algorithm, the copywriter reviews your job ad before publishing. For quality reasons, the review is mandatory before publication on jobs.witty.works or on one of our partner job platforms.

Go to your job dashboard and click on Review request.

While the job ad is in review, you shouldn't edit it.

The review takes usually 3 days. The reviewer undertakes the corrections directly in the Diversifier, and discusses the changes with you in a call or through email afterward.

Your job ad is ready to be published! 👏👏🏾👏🏿

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