If you are on a paying plan, we have two different templates for a job ad: the Basic Template and the Best Practice Template.

  • The Basic Template only gives a minimal structure, without any best practice inputs.
  • The structure of the Best Practice Template is based on the needs and interests of female jobseekers or talents with diverse backgrounds. In order to publish on jobs.witty.works, you need to choose this template.

If you created your job ad with the Basic Template and want to switch later on the the Best Practice Template, here is how it works:

Log in to your account and go to https://diversifier.witty.works/job-ads.

Click on the arrow next to edit, and afterward on Change template.

Select the Best Practice Template and click on Next.

You can then copy-paste your text to the new structure and finally save your job ad.

There you go! Your job ad is ready to be published! 👏👏🏾👏🏿

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